Frequently Asked Questions - Bandara Tours Sri Lanka

General questions
Please make sure your Passport is valid for at least six months past your arrival date. You may want to bring sunscreen and tampons (if needed), as these items are hard to find outside Colombo. You'll need some shorts, T-shirts, flip flops, bathing suits or bikinis. Be sure to bring cover-up for shoulders and arms as well as a long skirt or light pants for visiting temples. Also bring a warm layer for Nuwara Eliya area. If you plan to climb Adams Peak, bring proper hiking shoes as well as light hiking clothes and a jacket.
You should bring about $ 50,- cash for change to local currency when arriving at the airport. Sri Lanka has a well developed network of cash dispensers, so the best option is to use your bank card. For payments at higher class hotels and clubs you can use your credit card. In case your bank card does not work, you can use your credit card to get cash at the cash dipsensers, please be sure to bring the code for your credit card. Depending on the cash dispenser operator, some cards may only work at specific places. We recommend to bring one bank card and one credit card.
Flat-Rate questions
The flat-rate includes an a/c car as well as an English speaking tour driver. Your driver is equipped with a smartphone with Internet connection.
This depends on your travel style. Rooms are available at about $ 20,- per day including breakfast. Lunch or dinner is available at about $ 3 to $ 5 per person. Some high class hotels may charge up to $ 100 per day. Your driver will check available accomodation which fits your needs while on tour.
Please pay your driver on the last day of the tour. Everything else (accomodation, entry fees, ...) will be paid by you right away.
Various questions
We have experience with airport pick-up. Take your time leaving the plane, get your luggage and change about $ 50,- to local currency. Your driver will await you near the airport exit.
Please transmit your flight number before boarding. If your flight is late we will notice it. Your driver will be right on time to pick you up.